$200 (new) $190 (returner)


$290 (new) $280 (returner)


$170 + Uniform


Any registered player or cheer that refers the program to another family will receive a $10.00 rebate per player or cheer once fees are paid in full by all parties

Buddy Program Form

Football participants must meet age (as of July 31, 2019) and weight requirements listed below:

2019 Game Day Weight Chart

Birthdate Requirments

2019 Birthdate Chart

Where do my registration fees go?

  • 35% Conference fees
  • 30% Home Game Field, Medics and Referees
  • 30% Pictures, Game Jersey, Trophy, Physical, Spirit Pack, Team banquet
  • 20% Equipment/Maintenance (% rises to 30% every other year due to helmet reconditioning fees)
  • 15% Insurance
  • 10% Practice Field
  • (40% deficit made up with Mandatory League Fundraiser)

Registration Form

Player Information

Football or Cheer Division*

Returning Player 

Early Bird Special  - Payment must be made in full before April 15th.

Buddy Program  - A Buddy Referral Form must be submitted.

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Medical/Emergency Contact Information

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Terms & Conditions

  • I understand that a full refund, minus the $50 administration fee will only be given to a participant who drops BEFORE the first day of practice.
  • I understand that a participant who does not meet the academic requirements of a 2.0 GPA is NOT eligible for any refund.
  • I understand that each participant will be required to donate 1 case (24) of Gatorade (16 oz. bottles).
  • I understand that I must complete ten (10) MANDATORY volunteer hours. Half (5 or 7) of the volunteer hours must be completed no later than the (4th) fourth game of the season. Failure to complete the mandatory volunteer hours will result in my player/cheerleader being benched from game(s) until all hours have been completed. Fourteen (14) hours for multiple participants.
  • I understand that there will be one (1) MANDATORY fundraiser that I will have to participate in. Failure to participate in said fundraiser may result in my player/cheerleader being benched from game(s) until fundraiser has been submitted.
  • I have medical insurance to cover any injuries to the participant and understand that insurance from the WVJAAFC is only for secondary coverage.
  • I understand that a participant may be removed from the program if they or their parent/guardian does not adhere to the Code of Conduct Standards.
  • I understand that an original birth certificate (new players) & most current report card must be submitted to my participant's AD prior to the start of the season.
  • I understand that my son/daughter will not be able to start the program and will NOT be issued any equipment if all fees are not paid prior to the first day of practice.

 I / We agree with the above terms.*